Polyshield/Quickshield: A polyurea thermoset coating system that exhibits extreme toughness, durability and elongation. It can only dispensed by a two component (eg Glascraft) machine. The material gelled the minute it hit the substrate and the coating can be trafficable with minutes of application, making it very suitable for plant or area when downtime can not be afforded.
It has a very good adhesion to almost all substrate. It works in both extreme cold and hot condition.

Because of the good wear and tear resistant as well as the chemicals resistant that it exhibits, it has found its application in many areas:


  • Protection against impact : Mining trucks, pick-ups
  • Secondary containment : Chemical plant; Waste water treatment plant.
  • Protection against abrasion : Pipes linings, Concrete Drums linings, Car parks,
  • Waterproofing : All types of roofing; Wooden structure; Bare earth pond ( by simply spraying onto Geotextile) ; Sand bags, cement and concrete panel/surface etc

Polyflex: It is a high performance, single component acrylic base flexible liquid waterproofing and sealing membrane. It has very good adhesion properties to both metal and concrete, and provides excellent resistance to weathering , an important consideration as most roof are exposed to weather.


  • Easy to apply
  • Seamless and flexible.. able to breach cracks
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Good adhesion
  • Does not support fungal growth

During installation fiberglass chopped strand mat or fleece are often used to improve its mechanical properties.

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