A finish product that looks similar to granite but can have unlimited range of colour combinations?

Yes, it is now possible with this recently patented Polygran system.

Using this new technology and machine, an ordinary gelcoat spraying process will enable any applicator to produce a granite textured effects, adding tremendous value to the FRP/Composite product.

The completely pneumatic Polygran gelcoat spraying system is simple to use and does not require special maintenance.

The Polygran machine can handle up to four colours simultaneously; allowing them to mix and dispersed randomly onto the surface to be coated, giving the dappled effects typical of granite. In addition, the choice of pigmentation makes it possible to create the impression of depth, characteristic of a natural rock.

Because of the versatility of the Polygran system, designers can now create new chromatic solutions, new granite or marble colours and special effects to artistically blend these products into the surrounding. These innovation of new colours and designs are limited only by one's imagination.


The cost of the finished product is often much, much lower than that of a natural stone/granite, especially when the panel is large and with three dimensional shape like columns, cornices, decorative ceilings etc


Gelcoat : USD1.2/m2
Mat and resin USD1.0/m2 and USD1.2/m2
Mat and resin USD1.0/m2 and USD1.2/m2

Mat and resin USD1.0/m2 and USD1.2/m2


Total material cost for a 3 layers (3.5mm thick) product USD7.8/m2


Bathroom walls; Tubs; Claddings, Columns; Cornices; Furniture; Decorative items; Vanity tops, table tops.


Lightweight; High strength, Large size panel of any shape can be produced; Can match any colours; Chemicals and stain resistant; Waterproof;

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