This system consists of water clear Epicote 3M quartz resin, hardener and 3M colour quartz. The excellent clarity of the resin system allows the full penetration of light, thereby exposing the vivid colours of the 'non' fade 3M color quartz.

They are ceramic coated and therefore do not fade unlike all other coloured resin coated granules. There are eight standard colours to choose from and these eight colours can mixed to produce endless combination of mozaic pattern. The finished product is seamless and requires a minimum maintenance.

Warranty given for non-fading of the 3M colour quartz is typically 5 years.

The 3M color quartz has a very high hardness and therefore the system has a very good wear resistance and compressive strength as such it is recommended to use in :
Floors of shopping malls, engineering workshops, grocery stores, departmental stores, schools, community centers, banking hall, cafeterias, food handling area, Carparks, Driveways, Pool areas, shower rooms, clean rooms etc etc.

Deracote 3 M color quartz system has similar characteristic as the Epicote 3M colour quartz system, except that it is used in factory floors where very high chemical corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance is required

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