•BMC line

•Casting Machine for Solid Surface

•Chopped strand mat line

•Chopper System

•Continuous Blender for cultured marble; solid surface

•Continuous Casting Machine

•Epoxy System Dispenser

•Filament Winding Machine

FRP corrugated sheet production •Gelcoater

•Glassflake Compound Dispenser

•High Shear Mixer for Glass Reinforced Concrete

•Polyurea Spray Machine

•Polyurethane Casting Machine

•Polyurethane Spray Machine

•Polyurethane Injection Machine

•Pultrusion Machine

•Resin Transfer Moulding

• Roller

•SMC line

•Solvent Reclaiming Unit for Solvent Recycling

•Spray Station for Glass Reinforced Concrete

• Vacuum blender/mixer

A whole range of spare parts for above


•Air Ejector

•Aluminium Roller (Various sizes / Configuration)

•Aramid Cutting Scissors

•Barcol tester


•Bung-Hole Opener

•2" Bunghole Hand Pump

•2" Bunghole Open/Shut Valves

•2" Bunghole Stirrer - Pneumatic

• Bristle Roller



•Clamp for RTM

•Compaction Roller

•Cutter Wheel/Net

•Dispenser Paper Cup

•Fiberglass Mat Cutter Gelcoater: Portable 1 and 10 litres


Holidays Detector

•Holiday Tester

•Injection Spruce

•Knotched Trowel

•Laminating Roller

•MEKP Dispenser

•Mohair Roller



Pin Hole Detector •Plastic Cup

•Probler Gun

•Plastic Roller

•Plastic Wedge


•quick coupling •quick Push fittings
•Quick disconnect •Santotrac

•Shear Mixer

•Slurry Gun

•Spiral tube


•Spike Roller

•Spike Shoes

•Spring Roller

•Stainless Steel Stirrer - Range

•Thickness Sensor

•Toggle Clamp (RTM)

•Vacuum tank/reservoir •Vacuum regulator

•Vacuum leak detector

•Vacuum Seal

•Vacuum valve •Wool Roller

•Wide flange clamp
(shut off clamp for resin line)



•Activated Carbon Fabric

•Activated Carbon Fiber

•Alkaline Resistant Chopped Strand •Alkaline Resistant Net

•Alkaline Resistant Roving

•Aramid Chopped Strand

•Anti Static Veil

•Anti Static Fiber and Solution

•Aramid Fiber •Aramid Yarn

•Aramid Veil



•Carbon Chopped Strand

•Carbon Fabric •Carbon Fiber for Heating

•Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic Plate

•Carbon Tissue

•Carbon Yarn

•Chopped Strand Mat

•Coloured Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid

•Conductive Nexus

Continuous Mat

•'C' Glass Tissue

•Direct Roving

•Decorative Fabric

•Decorative Veil


•Fiberglass Net

•Glassfibre Chopped Strand


•Gun Roving


•Marble Pattern Veil

•Metallic Coated Fabric

•Milled Carbon Fibre

•Milled Fibre


•Nylon Chopped Strand

•Polyester Chopped Strand

•Polyester Veil

•Polypropylene Chopped Strand

•PP Veil


•Rayon Based Fiber



•Self Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape

•Silica Fabric

•S2 Glass

•Tape Carbon; Aramid; Glass



•Unidirection Carbon Fibre

•Woven Roving

•Woodgrain Veil


• Acrylic Resin

• Anhydride Hardener

• ASTM E84 class 1 resin • ASTM-662 qualified resin
• Atlac • Bisphenol Resin
• BSS 7239 qualified resin • Clear Casting Resin

• Derakane

• Epoxy Adhesive

• Epoxy Resin

• Epoxy System

• Fire Retardant Resin

• Gelcoat

• Glassflake Compound

• Hex Acid Resin

• Isophthalic Resin

Joint Compound

• Low Smoke, Class 1 Resin; Poly 800 • Modar Resin
• MTPHA Anhydride • NFPA 286 Qualified Resin

• Orthophatalic Resin

• Polyurea

• Poly Uvishield for UV Protection/

• Polysiloxane

• Polysil

• PU Elastomer

• PU Foam Chemicals

• PU Rubber

• Resin for train part production • Silicon Rubber

• Silicone Resin

• Terephthalic Resin

• Tooling Gelcoat

• Tooling Resin

• UL94 VO Qualified Resin • UV Resistance Resin

• Vinylester Resin

Wall Putty


•Acetyl Acetone; AA

•Air Release Agent

•Aluminium Trihydrate •Aluminium Powder

•Brass Powder

•Bronze Powder

•Calcium Carbonate

•Chrome Pigment

•Cobalt Blue

•Conductive Filler

•Copper Powder


•Diethylaniline; DEA

•Flame Retardment Additive

•Foaming Agent for Concrete

•Fused Alumina

•Glass Flakes

•Glass Powder

•Internal mould release agent •Iron Oxide Pigment

•Kaolin Clay

•Levelling agent


•Milled Fibre

•Mold Wiz

•Mould Release Agent (internal/external)

•Nano Antimony Oxide •Nano Cerium Oxide
•Nano Pigments •Nano Silica
•Nano Silicon Carbide •Nano Zinc Oxide

•Pearl Effects Pigment

•Pigment Paste

•Polyuvin (UV protection for resin) •Polybright (clearer and whiter for gelcoat/resin)

•Silicon Carbide

•Talcum Powder

•Thixotropic Agent


•Titanium Dioxide

•UV Absorber

•Wetting Agent




•Adhesive Resin


•Balsa Wood

•Benzoyl Peroxide



•Caps & Jars

•Carbon Sheets CFRP

•Cobalt/Napthanate Octoate

Color Quartz

•Conductive Nexus (veil)


•Corrugated Sheets

•Cumene Hydroperoxide

•Cyclohexanone Peroxide


Drywall Joint Compound

Flow medium (for resin infusion)

•FRP Profiles •Grease and Polyester Resin Cleaner



•Hydrocal FGR95

•Klegeccell (PVC Foam)



•Methylene Chloride

•Mold Wiz Release Agent

•Mould Accessories


•Nylon StripNylon Tees and Elbows
Omega Flow •Omega Profile

•OS - 124 (connector contact lubricant)


•PC - 1244 (Defoamer)

•P.E Foam

•Polyester Film

•Polyester Veil

•Polyethylene Tube; PE Tube •Polyethylene Tube Spiral Tube, crushed resistant

•Polyphenyl Ether

•PVC Foam


Resin infusion materials (whole range)

•Santotrac 50 (Traction Lubricant)

•Sheet Wax

•Silica Sand

Skyclean 1000

Skydrol LD4 Skydrol 500B4
Spiral tube •Spike rollers
Vacuum bagging accessories Wall Putty

•Wood Grain Veil


Production of Aerated Concrete, Panels & Blocks
Production of Concrete Additives
Production of Culture Marble, Solid Surface Product
Production of GRC
Production of GRG
Production of RTM Mound
Production of Raised Floor Panel
Production of Tanks & Pipes
RTM Technology
Slitting machine, System
Slitting Service
MIT Technology
Technology to produce Granite Texture Effect using Gelcoat (without Filter)
Window Profile Technology by Pultrusion
MMA / Methy Methacrylic coating system

44 Tech Park Crescent Singapore 638095 Tel: (65) 6863 8225 Fax: (65) 6863 8219

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