This revolutionary product made from a special Hydrocal gypsum, reinforced with a continuous surface veil S200 and a lightweight Continuous mat N716, allow architects and designers a wide range of 3 -dimensional possibility.

Conventional materials like wood, concrete , plaster, stone, bronze, brass etc with the help of PU rubber and other moulding materials, can be easily duplicated because of the superb details it can captured, and often at much lower cost.

A fully cured GRG has a Rockwell hardness of M72 and sound like ceramic when hit upon. With the N716 reinforcement, the thickness of the panel can go to as thin as 5mm, making the panel extremely lightweight and at the same time durable.

For strength comparison purposes , it is 1.5~2 times stronger than plywood, 2.5~9 times over gypsum board, 4 times over Plaster of Paris in flexural strength.

The standard GRG is also fireproof, but the polymer modified version which can be use for external application has a class 1 fire rating.

Production of GRG do not require heavy capital investment.

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