Carbon fibre is a lightweight, high strength, high modulus product that has been widely used by the aerospace industries, sporting goods industries etc.

This same materials is now being used to produce Carbofix CFRP plate in width of 50mm,80mm and 120mm. Using in conjunction with Carbofix adhesive , it is used to strengthen bridges, slabs by gluing it onto the undersides of these structural members. The Carbofix CFRP will run the entire length of the beams or slabs to be strengthen. The number of plates/strips to be glued will depends on the design requirement. Drawings and design calculation of existing structural member and the loading on these members need to be provided for consultant to do an evaluation and determine the feasibility of using Carbofix CFRP as a strengthening system.

Test conducted by a university has indicated increased in flexural strength of up to 140% as compared to structural concrete slab of control samples. This is also true with preloading of up to 60 and 80% of the ultimate failure load, where cracks on the concrete was visible, thereafter, Carbofix CFRP plate was glued. Shear strength can also be improved by more than 20% by gluing Carbofix CFRP diagonally to the side of the beams

Area of application would be: Beams and slabs of bridges, residential and commercial buildings and shop houses etc;

  • where there is a need for increased in loading.
  • where there is an under design of structural member.
  • Where there is failing of structural member due to construction error.
  • Where the failing is due to deterioration of the structural member

The advantages of using Carbofix CFRP plate to strengthen structural member as compared with other alternative can be summarised as;

  1. No disruption to traffic or activities.No noise pollution.Shortest installation timeHigh Strength and ModulusNo major equipment required
  2. No access problem

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