Glass flake is a discreet, thin plate- like particle. The production process start with a molten glass batch. After mechanical attenuation, the sheet form is further modified by milling to provide a wide range of particle sizes.
Glass flakes are normally 2 micron thick and plane length can be from a few microns up to the size of milling screen.
Glass flakes filled coatings have the following benefits when used in corrosion protection:

1) Low permeability for improved corrosion resistance
2) Ease of application even on complex surface - coatings may be sprayed or hand applied
3) Impact resistance
4) Ease of repair if damaged
5) High colour strength throughout the coating
6) Proven durability
7) High dielectric strength
8) Dimension stability over a broad range of temperature
9) Wide choice of resin matrices to select from to meet the temperature, chemical or mechanical requirements of application.

Application of glass flake filled coatings

Chemicals Processing/Industries Markets

Storage tanks containing chlorine dioxide ( CIO2)
The internal of the tank was coated with a 760µ thick glass flakes compound, and has been in service for several years with no sign of deterioration.

Salt solution ( Nacl) storage tanks coated with glass flake compound operating at more than 80ºC has be operating for many years with no problem

Gypsum Thickener tank with an 18m diameter was coated with glass flake compound and the installation is still servicing well at room temperature.

Glass flaked filled Bisphenol- A resin exposed to process sugar. The installation has been in service for at least 5 years.

Marine Services

Glass flake filled coatings are used in bottom coating for ship and barges.
A 37,000 ton dead weight tanker was sand blasted and coated with glass flake filled coatings.
After the coating the roughness was of the bottom was reduce from 736 micron to 254 micron.
This smoother surface account for the reduction in shaft horsepower required to maintain a speed of 15 knots.



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