Coating that Expands & Stops Fire!

FYRESTOP 507 is an intumescent surface coating epoxy system, which gives soutstanding fire protection to wood, FRP, metal, GRG, cemboard accidentally exposed to direct flaming. It can also be used as a fire-retardant coating on polymer concrete and other slightly poronus surfaces.

FYRESTOP 507 is a specially formulated epoxy resin system, ready to apply by brush after the hardener has been mixed in. It can also sprayed using suitable equipment but will require diluting with appropriate solvent. The addition of solvent should be kept to a minimum (eg 2-3%) to maintain curing and fire retardant properties.

FYRESTOP 507 can also be used as the laminating resin in the final layer of GRP laminates after a light sanding.

FYRESTOP 507 is used in many area including marine, oil and gas, building and wood industries.

FYRESTOP 507 can be painted over with emulsion or most solvent based paint or coating system. However, this may results in smoke generation caused by the paint or coating system. It is advised that a test be conducted if this is an important issue.

When direct flame is applied onto a substrate coated with FYRESTOP 507, it foams and formed an insulating layer. This insulating layer will insulating layer will insulates the based substrate and prevent it from damage by the direct flame. As it is a carbon base product, it prevents further burning and spreading of fire, thus confining the damage to a localized spot or area. This action cut the supply of fuel fed to the fire resulting in low or zero density and volume of smoke generated.

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