This process uses a closed mould system. Its advantages over an open mould process are:
  • Both side smooth surface
  • Little waste
  • Dimensional stability
  • Dimensional consistency
  • Consistent high quality
  • High production
  • Much less labour dependent
  • High fiber content is possible
  • Insert is possible
  • Less trimmings

Sequence of RTM Process

  • Apply release agent to both male and female mould
  • Lay down the Rovicore or continuous mat
  • Close the mould
  • Inject the resin and allow it to cure
  • Open the mould
  • Release the product from the mould
  • Trim the product.

Area of applications

Car body and components, bus and truck body and components, machine covers, sign boards, aerospace parts, defense equipment parts, trays, helmets, boats, telephone booths; doors; kitchen cabinets; table tops; chairs; tanks;

When to select using the RTM process depends on the size and qty. of the product intended to be produced. Too small a qty. will mean each product unit would be high as the cost of the RTM mould has to be distributed among the units. Generally, the ideal qty. would be from 100 to 5000 pcs per month

We are able to service and supply all you need on RTM.

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