KOOLFLEX waterproof cum insulation coatings

is a liquid applied flexible epoxy membrane, colorful and monolithic. It is used for water- proofing of external roofs and internal wet areas of buildings. It is specifically designed as a waterproof + reflective coating on concrete and metal roofs to reflect heat; it reflects large percentage solar energy to keep the surface cool. It forms a flexible membrane that is UV stable and withstands ponding water.

Temperature lowered up to: 14 deg C

Solar Reflective Index: SRI: 107

Solar Reflectance : 85.8%

Emissivity : 0.83

Principal Features

  1. Can be applied over existing roof system.

  2. Priming and self-leveling coating applied at 500-600 microns by pour-on, spray on, and Brush on over
    prepared concrete and metal roofs..

  3. Elastomeric membrane able to withstand
    Temperature changes (-29 to +50 deg C).

  4. Monolithic multi-colors

  5. Fire retardant to BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 .

  6. Anti-Slip.

  7. VOC Free.

  8. Resistant to water ponding.

  9. Nontoxic.

Benefits of KOOLFLEX waterproof cum insulation coating

  • Provides a secure barrier to water penetration.

  • A smooth non porous surface for easy maintenance.

  • 100% adhesion of product to substrate

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Low or no maintenance.

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